Kids Workshop: The Yellow & Green of Yoga (Ages 6-10)


Wed, Jul, 26th
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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Charlotte Mabry



Wild Lotus Yoga Studio is offering a workshop on the “yellow and green” of yoga for kids! The color yellow represents the power of who your child is; and the color green represents the sweet open heart of your child. Power and Heart! A fun workshop will be offered where your child will learn about how special they are to family and friends, but most of all to themselves.

This workshop will be a brief introduction of the solar and heart chakras for children with fun, games and art. The first hour of the workshop will be a yoga class for the children, with poses, games and singing. The second hour a certified art therapist will come to lead the children through a fun session of self-discovery of their own unique power and sweet heart of discovering who they are through music and art therapy. The poses that they practice will link their bodies and minds as a way to find the power and heart deep within themselves. Their hearts will open through poses, games and songs; wider than what they naturally are, making it easier to spread their love all around them.

Cost: $30