Bowspring Elementals Workshop


Sun, Feb, 18th
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Dena Borman


beginners deepen-your-practice

Learn the basics of the Bowspring practice in Know Your Bow monthly workshops. Students will explore the Bowspring postural template and familiarize themselves with the Bowspring elemental forms for hands, feet, arms and legs. We will also practice some Level 1 poses and katas (transitional movements). Know Your Bow workshops are for students without Bowspring experience and students who want a refresher of the practice.

Bowspring is an evolutionary new paradigm of alignment that counterbalances many of the unhealthy postural patterns we find ourselves stuck in on a daily basis. Bowspring utilizes the natural curves of the spine (rather than a straight spine) to create dynamic, intuitive movement. An emphasis on a fullness in the ribcage (radiant heart) and an activation of the glutes (our largest and most powerful muscle) creates movement that is light, balanced and safe.

Bowspring is a practice that challenges us to reevaluate what we thought we knew about our body, our yoga practice and our perspective. It is an intense physical practice that will get you sweating and laughing all at once. It is accessible (and challenging!) to any level of student

Cost: $25. Members receive 10% off. No refunds