An Evening of Mantra Music w/ Ashana Sophia

An Evening of Mantra Music w/ Ashana Sophia


Sat, Mar, 9th
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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Ashana Sophia



Music is a balm for the soul, a language we instinctively remember.

We come together to offer beauty and raise each other’s sense of well-being. Our music is a hypnotic fusion of voices, the harmonium, cello, and electric guitar. We sing ancient Sanskrit & Gurmukhi prayers and mantras woven into original melodies with lush harmonies and subtle rhythms.

We encourage an environment of deep, heart-centered listening. This allows participants to feel a rare kind of openness and safety, and lets our bodies absorb the healing power of this music.


Ashana Sophia is a vocalist and classically trained cellist who also plays the esraj (Indian cello), harmonium (pump organ or melodeon), and keyboards. Her songs are a mixture of kirtan, Irish and indie folk, and world music styles. Ashana has performed with Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, Lukas Nelson, and Ram Dass. She frequently collaborates with Michael Doucet of BeauSoleil. Her recent albums, Ancient Songs and Lumiere ~ Heart Notes on the Bayou, were accompanied, recorded, and produced by Chad Viator.

Chad Viator has been working as a teacher and multi-instrumentalist for over 20 years. He was recently honored by the Lafayette Parish School System for his work in the Talented Music Program. He has toured with nationally-known musicians, played on a Grammy-nominated album, and scored music for films that played at Cannes and other festivals. In his production studio, Chad has recorded and produced for artists such as Tiffany Lamson, Michael Doucet, Tasche De La Rocha, Julie Odell, Adam Torres, and Early Day Miners.